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The SAT changed, and we did, too!  The SAT is much more straight forward, that most students need to just understand what the new SAT entails and how to successfully prepare for it. That is where we come in. 

We believe that high quality SAT instruction should be made available to all students at a reasonable cost.

AimHigh-SAT teachers are an experienced and trained group of credentialed teachers whose primary goal is to help students earn higher scores on their SAT tests.

We are committed to providing the same or better results than our expensive competitors, while making SAT Prep affordable to everyone. To achieve this objective, we will focus on the most important areas that will provide the biggest gains to the students’ scores.

WE ARE THE SAT EXPERTS! THOUSANDS OF NOTEBOOKS CAN’T BE WRONG.   Say Good-Bye to 2400 and Hello 1600!  (This is the top score for the new SAT)